I am only 10 days into 2024 and I have decided to make with my favorite asset. A few weeks ago I decided that I would concentrate the portfolio by getting rid of smaller holdings and revamping how I use cleared naked put income. Specifically, I decided that I would split cleared naked put income – 25% to a concentrated position, 25% to a dividend ETF, 25% to cash and 25% to debt. well let’s scratch that.

While I am doing well this year so far with my options trades I have found myself already annoyed with how slowly the 25% to a concentrated position is growing knowing I need to get it to thousands before I make a bet when I have already, purchased an ETF and put a few dollars into cash. I know it is silly but I feel an gut annoyance I shouldn’t so instead of doing something that violates my self imposed constraints I am going to change my “rules.” I am taking a ton of risk within this account so I am constantly looking for safe reassurance or reinvestment to justify it. The idea of partitioning thousands for the next purchase is daunting right now (hopefully I look back one day and laugh when it is a cleared “thousands” that is causing me anxiety).

Going forward I am going to do one third to the other categories: ETF Purchase, Cash Accumulation and Debt Repayment.

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