One of my goals for 2024 was to review the random holdings in a few of my accounts. Last week I took a look at my small traditional IRA, and this week I am taking a look at my wife’s Roth IRA. Neither are huge accounts, but they should be respected and for the past few years they have not been.

Similar to last week, I am going to review every holding and decide whether to keep/sell and then will likely take the proceeds and put them into a low cost S&P ETF.

The Current Holdings

ADYEY – This ADR is a Dutch payment company. I am pretty sure they came to my attention from a buddy who lives in the tech space, but I am not positive and feel foolish asking. Since I am not particularly familiar with the company I am going to sell the position.

ANGI – Angi isan off shoot of IAC. It is not profitable and such a tiny portion of the account that I am going to sell it.

AON – I can’t remember why I purchased this position. Looking at it, it seems to be a company that is compounding through mergers. I like their recent purchase of NFP in December of 2023. For the time being I am going to keep this position.

AXP – This is one of my favorite holdings. Keep forever

BRKB – I am slightly obsessed with Buffett, so another keeper.

CWH – I purchased Camping World when I was really into Marcus Lemonis’ show, The Profit, back in 2017. Since then the equity is about half the value but has consistently paid out dividends which I reinvested. I am going to sell about half my position since I don’t like the idea of a company I don’t love being nearly 8% of the portfolio.

IAC – I talked about IAC in my last post. I am going to sell this position as I kept in my other taxable account.

INTC – Intel has had a rocky chart past couple of years. I am going to keep this position because I don’t think they are getting displaced anytime soon, and it seems like the US is willing to throw cash at maintaining a semiconducter industry outside of China.

LCID – Tesla competitor, Lucid, was a flier. I am going to hold onto this one to see if they can turn it around.

NGLOY – This came out of a conversation with a few buddies. This mining company, owns De Beers. I don’t believe diamonds are going out of style anytime soon, so this is a keep and ignore.

PRCH – Shitty covid holdover. Sell.

QCOM – Qualcom, Keep.

SWBI – I don’t believe Americans are giving up their guns anytime soon and Smith and Wesson is an iconic brand. Keep.

TLRY – I was playing in the weed world like the rest of the market in 2020 and this is what’s left. Sell.

TSLA – I bought this position after The Wife told me to stop talking about the damn company. I think they are doing some very, very interesting things. This is a keeper for me.

VMEO – Another IAC spin off. Sell.

VWAGY – Don’t remember why I bought it, but this is the Volkswagon ADR. They own some great subsidiaries and brands. I am going to just ignore this one.

WMT – Walmart! Keep.

WYNN – I bought this after a bachelor party and I saw the amount that some people would spend, even outside gambling. I still believe in the brand, so I am just going to keep this one for now.

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