I started my original personal finance blog in 2008, I had over 1,000 posts on it when I sold it last month. When I first started the site I didn’t have any kids and was very into the community aspect of the personal finance blogging world. I found like-minded individuals that were just starting out, and it was a time prior to twitter and reddit coming the behemoths they are today, so the comment section was a real place to give and receive thoughts and encouragement. However, by the time of the sale I was barely posting on the site, and I don’t think I have commented on a personal finance blog in close to 3 years.

So if I am not into the “blogging” world anymore, why start another site?

Why I Created Accumulating Assets

As soon as I agreed to sell my site, I knew I would be starting another immediately. There are 3 main (and selfish) reasons that I created AccumulatingAssets.

Accountability Equals Success

I believe that accountability leads to success. While I am well aware that it is very unlikely that almost anyone will ever actually read this site, having a place where I am “supposed” to update my net worth statements or screen for dividend stocks will keep me motivated and accountable to something, even if that is myself (and this site).

Working Through Ideas, Opportunities & Problems

Not shockingly, I have found that when I write through ideas, problems and opportunities I tend to make better decisions. When I first started blogging I would use the site to discuss almost all issues, however, at this point in my life, this site is really only to critically think through larger asset related decisions as they arise.

Chronicling My Journey

While the other two reasons are great, having a place to turn to when I want to remember where I was at a certain point in my life is by far my favorite part about blogging. I have posts talking about the birth of my two children, when I bought/sold my first house, second house (well no sale), current house, when certain things happened at work, and when certain investment opportunities came up.

Literally today, a conversation came up with a colleague about a town on the North Fork of Long Island where I almost bought a rental property. I was able to review my thoughts at the time and then almost remember the conversation I had when we finally decide not to close on the deal (if anyone is wondering the property is way up but who would have known a pandamic would spike vacation properties on Long Island).

Why the Site’s Name is Accumulating Assets

My original site was all about a number as a goal. It was created by a 27-year-old “Accumulator” with very different goals, ambitions, and understanding of the world. Being a few years older, I am often reminded, for me, that it is the journey that is the adventure not the end result of a balance sheet.

Right now, and for the foreseeable future it is all about what I keep not what I earn!

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