Thoughts Before Calculating: Think I am going to be about even for the month. Nothing felt great and I have been feeling tight cash flow wise which usually means rolling CC debt is going to be a bit higher.

Calculating my Net Worth

My Family’s Assets

I used to say I had an easy balance sheet but over the years I am starting to think that may actually not be the case.

  • Cash Equivalents – I got to a comfortable place, and then I thought to myself I could I be a little bit more aggressive with my “emergency fund.” Specifically I wanted to move a small amount of my emergency fund towards my rental property’s HELOC. At worst, if I need liquidity I could take back the “loan” to myself, and at best I shifted some part of an asset earning .50% to reduce a debt paying 3.75%. If I ever feel a lack of liquidity this is my first item to hit up.
  • My Trading Account – This one account is both where I invest in my dividend growth companies and risky speculative option trades.  Easily my favorite asset, despite not being the biggest (by a long shot). I came out of January 2022 unscathed, but I did have to roll some puts forward.
  • My 401(k) – My 401(k) has some terrible investment options that have ridiculous fees, but since I am getting a match at work I fund it to a little bit above the match. It is mostly correlated with the broad financial markets so when some lunatic invades another country this account takes a nose dive.
  • My Traditional IRA – Just some companies that have caught my attention at some point or another.
  • The Wife’s Roth IRA – Again, some companies that have caught my attention at some point or another.
  • The Wife’s SEP IRA – The Wife was talking to my father in law early this year who told her that she should have a SEP IRA, and since she is funding it with business proceeds, I was not going to argue. Just going to be sending $100/week to the account. The original plan was to just buy a broad based equity ETF (VOO) and a smaller position in a dividend-focused ETF (NOBL), but I have taken very small positions in individual companies along with those broad ETFs.
  • Crypto Currency – For the second THIRD month in a row I have to be honest and say, “I couldn’t check this month because I got kicked out of the authenticator app with the purchase of a new phone. Going to have to figure this one out over the next 30 days!‘ Finally got into the account and updated the balance. It is still largely unimpressive.
  • Life Insurance Cash Surrender Value – As described I own a number of permanent, cash value whole life insurance policies. Since the cash is accessible I include it in my net worth statement. This money is also accessible via a loan against the cash value. These values now have a loan against the cash.
  • Physical Gold – A few years back I decided to start buying physical gold, I am hoping one day to be that crazy guy with a stack of gold I can swim through. I accidentally deleted my grab amounts on my spreadsheet this month! So at some point this month I need to audit the reserves.
  • My Rental Property – Every month I update a spreadsheet I keep for the minority owners of my rental property.
  • My Main Residence – My Family’s home!

Currently, I do not include my investment clubs in my net worth. Last two months I wrote, “…over the next 30 days I will provide an update here” but I failed to do so.

My Family’s Debt

  • Law School Debt – Refinanced a few months back at 2.6%, probably going to ignore the account for a while.
  • Mortgage and Home Debt – I have a mortgage on each home and a home equity line of credit on the rental property.
  • Revolving Credit Card Debt – I usually keep a small revolving debt. I get paid infrequently and in large chunks from practicing law so I just pay this when I can.

My Net Worth Change

  • Month over month my net worth increased by approximately 1%
  • Year to date my net worth is basically flat
  • Since starting this AccumulatingAssets my net worth has increased by approximately $169,000

Personal Finance Goal for April 2022

I started to audit my ongoing expenses in March. When I say “started” what I really mean is I did the bare minimum. In April I hope to go much, much deeper.

In addition, I have to audit my dividend account holdings because the monthly estimated income went down despite a few purchases. I will check to make sure none of my holdings cut their dividend.

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